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Caddy Crunchy Dark Chocolate 250g

Delicious and crunchy coated in rich dark chocolate

Our handmade chocolates make the perfect gift for any occasion


Lovingly Giftwrapped By Hand

Lovingly Giftwrapped By Hand

Our Chocolates

Silky Luscious Chocolates

Carefully selected ingredients

With more cocoa, less sugar — single origin 64% cocoa bean from a single estate in Madagascar. The connoisseur’s choice: a delicious, robust dark chocolate ganache centre with unique nutty and mildly acidic red fruit characteristics. Exquisite flavours burst from each bite: salted caramel, lemon, praline and much more.

Where possible, we source locally, using natural colourings
and flavourings to create these delicious and delicate treats.

The art of the Chocolatier

Becoming a skilled chocolatier requires tireless attention to detail and many years of dedication. These artisans are to thank for the wonderful confectionary which adorns the shelves of our tearooms. Continually improving and refining, and conjuring new recipes, our chocolatiers never rest on their laurels.

Chocolate is made from cacao seeds, which were originally cultivated by the Aztecs as far back as 1900BC. They once had so much value that they were used as a form of currency. Arriving in Europe in the Sixteenth Century, sugar was added and chocolate was considered a luxury among the ruling classes.

These days chocolate is available to all, but this does not diminish the luxury or opulence of a truly magnificent brand.

The precise art of chocolate making

Each one of our chocolates is crafted with absolute care. Until you experience the flavours, it’s hard to comprehend the luxurious delight of sampling our confectionary.

To make great chocolates, one must understand the complexities of the medium: to understand the physical and chemical properties, perfecting the design and art of flavour. Enhanced with beautiful, delicately flavoured fondants, the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say.

A Joy to Hold and Behold

Chocolate may be a perfect gift, whether that’s for a friend or a loved one, for an anniversary, birthday, thank you or just…; because. The beautiful confectionary within is matched by stunning presentation boxes, finished with colourful satin ribbons, and housed within chic gold rope handled bags — this provides a glimpse into the lavish contents within.

Imagine the surprise and delight upon receiving such a gift, delivered direct to your door with an accompanying gift note. Nothing can compare to the feeling of an unexpected present, looking and tasting beautiful. What’s more, there is a flavour to suit every palate, to complement every personality, to enhance every event.

Our collections are made up of fruity intense flavours that are sure to set taste buds tingling. The intricate designs that adorn them compliment the flavour inside.

A Journey
of Discovery

What makes Creams Different?

Our love affair with chocolate began in our tasting rooms where we set about trying to make the perfect chocolates. We wanted our luxurious delicious chocolates to truly delight and bring boundless joy to their recipients. After many endeavours to define the perfect tasting chocolate, we developed our signature bold yet creamy enchanting CREAMS chocolates.

This tireless pursuit of perfection is what we feel sets us apart — once you have tasted CREAMS chocolates, nothing else will compare.

Be Beautiful,
Eat Beautiful